BiTour Denmark
31 Oct – 3 Nov 2017

Go on BiTour Denmark 2017

Join an international delegation of entrepreneurs in a 4-day business trip to Copenhagen & Aarhus starting on October 31st.

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BiTour Denmark

Business Innovation Tour Denmark 2017 is an international business trip bringing together to engage on technology matchmaking and responsible entrepreneurship into the heart of Denmark’s sustainable innovation, energy transition & cultural scene.

Delegation Profile

For founders at startups, executives at technology companies and innovators at corporate companies. This BiTour is also open to innovators at research institutes or universities; provided they express interest in project collaborations.

Concrete Opportunities

Prepare to export, enter the Danish market, build on international cooperation or co-create technology based business opportunities.
Experience Copenhagen, Aarhus and doing business in Denmark with the Green ID ecosystem.

BiTour Lean Package € 1.800,-

Lean Business Trip: Prepare Better to Save Time & Money

  • E+Tech GrowthCamp: EU+LATAM business & innovation discovery
  • iConnect brief: sector driven tech trade intelligence on Denmark
  • Business travel management: agent support & group deals
  • Business opportunity generation before your trip
  • Internationalisation support on BiTour
  • E+Culture GrowthCamp: cross-cultural business in Denmark
  • Global tech venue access: badges, business pitch & match-making
  • iConnect support desk: internationalisation advice at our stand or pavilion

BiTour Enterprise Package € 3.000,-

Smart Business Experience: More Deals with Less Waste

  • BiTour Lean Package, plus:
  • Individual business agenda scheduled before your trip
  • Individual coaching 2-hr session: plan for soft-landing in Denmark
  • Smart & green experience: try sustainable travel gear and gadgets
  • International marketing & PR on BiTour
  • Cultural interpreter for you at our stand or pavilion
  • Exhibition space for your company at our stand or pavilion
  • Lean & global tech demo: Live at this Venue & on VR for Every BiTour

Business Travel Management: How do our travel & hosting deals work?

As business travel agent, we make group deals accessible for bed & breakfast and flight/train suggestions.

We then access subsidies, grants or simply award sponsorship to support the internationalization of selected enterprises; as discounts from 50% up to 75%. Most instruments, subsidies or reimbursement mechanisms require that each company pays directly for its own travel and accommodation. You pay for a fixed fee on accommodation with your BiTour booking – although you might get a much better hotel as we look for sponsors to improve your stay and add a star to your experience. Estimate from €50,- to €200,- on round-trip flights from most European cities to Copenhagen. Although we provide international travel booking suggestions, this you should pay yourself as soon as possible. Transport between Copenhagen and Aarhus during the tech trade mission dates is included.
Book your stay between €150,- and €250,- for 4 nights in Denmark. You should see this reflected when booking this BiTour.

Go on BiTour Denmark 2017

Join an international delegation of entrepreneurs in a 4-day business trip to Copenhagen & Aarhus starting on October 31st.

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Business Innovation Tour Denmark 2017

Technology Trade Mission Program

GrowthCamp . EUROPE
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2 June 2017
  • by Green ID
  • #BizInnovTour #GrowthCamp
  • Connector.

    Discovery sessions

    Benelux, France, DACH, Nordics, UK & Balkans
    Interactive meeting to discover opportunities in Europe
    Guidance in combining the right venue & timing to present your business

  • Connector.

    Pre-matching sessions

    Going international in Europe best practices sharing sessions
    Company profile generation for international innovation projects

  • Connector.

    E+Technology Pitch on VR for target markets

    Present your interest to relevant prospective partners in Europe

GrowthCamp . Nordics
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 31 October 2017
  • by Green ID
  • #BizInnovTour #GrowthCamp
  • Connector.

    Preparation sessions

    Interactive workshop to prepare for export with focus on innovation
    Cross-cultural training for doing business in Denmark as gateway to the Nordics.

  • Connector.

    Connecting sessions

    Entrepreneur and innovator best practices sharing sessions
    Team building activity for international innovation projects

  • Connector.

    E+Culture Pitch live for international partners

    Present your project to relevant prospective partners in the Nordics:
    Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

Building Green
Innovation Exhibition for
Danish Construction Industry
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1-2 November 2017
  • by Insight Events ApS
  • #BizInnovTour @BuildingGreenDK

Building Green is the largest trade fair for sustainable and energy efficient buildings and is a unique opportunity to meet leaders and decision makers in energy efficient and sustainable building solutions. Building Green is the ideal marketing platform for green corporate deals.

Denmark’s most important event in sustainable construction!

  • Connector.

    Target Sectors

    Construction industry
    Creative industry

  • Connector.

    Challenges & Innovations

    green living projects
    transition initiatives
    social innovation
    circular economy
    urban renewable energies
    energy efficient buildings
    construction technologies
    sustainable architecture
    bio-based materials

  • Connector.

    Attendees & Impact

    Building Green have rejoiced over the two events in 2017! We started with the first held in Aarhus with an attendance exceeded all expectations! Now continues Building Green 2017 in Forum, Copenhagen. 1 & 2 November 2017.

    7,394 visitors. Building Green 2016 broke all records!
    Attendee profile from Building Green 2016

  • Connector.

    Conference Program

    Main Stage
    VIP Discussions
    Learnings Sessions
    Sponsored Talks

  • Connector.

    Make Deals at Building Green

    Building Green Connections. B2B matchmaking in collaboration with Europe Enterprise Network.
    Introduce your solution on stage as panelist during our Sponsored Talk by Green ID “connecting people and technology for a green transition with global impact”
    Exhibit your solutions to Building Green in our demo stand or pavilion!

Safari Denmark . Tour
  • Aarhus, Denmark
  • 3 November 2017
  • by Green ID in the framework of Aarhus 2017
  • #BizInnovTour #GrowthCamp
  • Connector.


    Discover the startup ecosystem in Aarhus
    Meet Danish entrepreneurs

  • Connector.


    Discover the innovation ecosystem in Northern Denmark
    Meet Danish technology partners from Central & North Jutland regions

  • Connector.


    Discover technology demonstration sites in Denmark
    Learn about certified testing sites available for your project
    Plan individual visits to labs, prototyping & production facilities

Go on BiTour Denmark 2017

Join an international delegation of entrepreneurs in a 4-day business trip to Copenhagen & Aarhus starting on October 31st.

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